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For 12 years, local authorities and member associations of the Romeurope collective have worked, depending on the case with or without the participation of the State, for the successful integration of Roma families through employment, housing and education. In five years, it will have enabled 32 families, ie more than 130 people, to leave their caravans to integrate into the local population by obtaining residence, work and housing permits. In terms of access to education, Romani CRISS emphasizes that his action has enabled more than 12,000 Roma children and their parents to benefit from educational training during an information campaign that the NGO has carried out in schools and communities. It has also carried out actions to encourage the development of intercultural activities in schools. The latter describes its objectives as follows: "We believe that, in order to improve the situation of the Roma in Hungary, it is essential that they organize their own communities and choose their own leaders so that they become ardent defenders of their communities. Lastly, Romani CRISS is taking important action to develop and monitor the activity of health mediators. It is at the origin of dozens of local actions in terms of agricultural and commercial development, micro-savings, assistance for women's activity or construction.

It is therefore a resource organization which also contributes to the development of actions of a national nature. Driven by a concern for humanity, he is also convinced of the futility of a policy consisting in sending the Roma back to Romania. Given the constant local pressure and harassment by the authorities, in most cases their energy is wasted trying endlessly to enforce their rights. The ineffective self-organization of Roma communities stems primarily from pressure from local actors – such as the police and local government – and is exacerbated by the general lack of social and legal knowledge, both of which are essential. After his football career, he decided to start a coaching career, first of all Shrewsbury Town then in November 1972 Swansea City and finally Crewe Alexandra until 1978. Then, he responded to an invitation from Dave Sexton to become Manchester United's goalkeeping coach until Sexton's departure. They lost however in the semi-final of the FA Cup against Manchester United, after a new support match. It was in 1954 that Austria obtained their best result, finishing in third place in the competition: after qualifying for the quarter-finals in group 3 with Uruguay, they eliminated Switzerland in the match which will have seen the greatest number of goals in the history of the World Cup (7-5), before sinking in the semi-final against the FRG and then redeeming itself during the small final which it wins against Uruguay.

The two teams follow up in the middle of the week with victories which increase City's advantage on goal difference (Aston Villa-Liverpool 1-2 on Tuesday May 10, Wolverampton-Manchester City 1-5 on May 11). Author of 28 goals in total, he helped Manchester City to win their fourth title of champion of England. In nine seasons on the bench for the Reds, from 1974 to 1983, he won twenty trophies, including six English league titles and the European Cup for champion clubs three times, an unprecedented feat for a coach at the time. The difference in success between the two clubs can be explained in particular by the transfers, decided in high places, of the best players from FC Union to BFC Dynamo. In the final, it faces Italy considered as its twin team because many French players then play in the Italian league. He and his team managed to stay in the Premier League, he even participated in the last match against Queens Park Rangers where he and his team won hands down with a score of 5-1. The Foxes finish 14th in the championship. The match ended in a 1-1 draw, with Rial equalizing for Real after Hollaus(es)'s first goal for Atlético condemned the rojiblancos to settle for second place.

MADRID (ILO News) – Real Madrid Football Club and the International Labor Organization (ILO) are joining forces to show a 'red card' to all those involved in the worst forms of child labor – knowing that one in eight children worldwide, or 180 million, are exploited in often dangerous activities. The action of this association is particularly recognized, as evidenced by the prize for democracy and civil society awarded to it by the European Union and the United States at the EU / United States summit held in London. May 18, 1998. The NGO also obtained, in 2008, the economic and social status (ECOSOC) of the UN: it thus became the first Romanian NGO specialized in Roma issues and the fifth NGO in the country. to benefit from this consultative status with ECOSOC. Above all, it is behind, with other NGOs, a Memorandum of Cooperation to ensure access for Roma children and young people in Romania to quality education through school desegregation and to promote education in identity that was signed by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research and the Romanian National Council for Combating Discrimination.

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